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Die Sponsoren stellen sich vor – November 2023

Das Admanagerforum für Vermarkter „AdOps Forum Supply“ November 2023 ist durch Sponsoren finanziert.

Vielen Dank an unseren Hauptsponsor Browsi, an die Co-Sponsoren Permutive und Pubstack sowie an die Supporter Adnami, Hubvisor, Onetag und The Media Trust.

Hauptsponsor Browsi

Über Browsi

Browsi is a leading AI-driven SaaS company that empowers publishers and content creators to gain control of their digital real estate. Browsi’s AI platform seamlessly analyzes real-time behavioral data to create personalized ad placements, improving user experience and increasing revenue. The company is trusted by premium publishers such as CNN, TMZ, Kobe Shimbun, Reworld Media, GMX, WebMD, Graham Media and more. Browsi’s technology is available to publishers worldwide sold directly or via authorized partners and resellers like Fluct, Flux, Magnite, Amazon Publisher Services Connections Marketplace and more.

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Co-Sponsoren Permutive und Pubstack

Über Permutive

Permutive’s Audience Platform puts publishers in control of their revenue by enabling them to reach and monetize 100% of their audience while respecting consumer privacy.
Permutive enables publishers to develop unique audience insights, optimize campaigns on the fly, and provide detailed mid- and post-campaign reports.
In unlocking the true value of their audience, Permutive’s customers drive direct deals, win more RFPs, and secure repeat business with advertisers.
Permutive is trusted by the world’s largest publishers including News Corp, Hearst, BuzzFeed, Penske Media, Future plc, the BBC, The Guardian, Vox Media, Insider, Hubert Burda Media, Condé Nast International, Trusted Media Brands, Hello! and Unify.

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Über Pubstack

The single-stop Ad management solution for publishers.

Pubstack is an Ad Management platform for web publishers that was created in 2018. The company is based in Paris and works with over 100 premium publishers across Europe.
As an innovator in Ad Management, Pubstack empowers publishers through a data-driven approach to building, maintaining, optimising, and monitoring high-performing ad stacks.
Pubstack now offers the only Ad Management platform that empowers publishers’ monetisation teams. Thanks to its powerful technology, they can confidently build highly efficient ad setups – faster than ever before –to boost their ad revenue and make data-based decisions about their ad stack.
Pubstack works with some of the best online media companies in the world – including Le Monde, The Independent, Figaro, Webedia, Vinted, IQ Digital, TF1, 366, United Internet Media, and many more – to ensure they can maintain high-quality inventory, make more revenue and deliver exceptional content.“

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Supporter Adnami, Hubvisor, Onetag und The Media Trust

Über Adnami

Adnami specialises in programmatic, high-impact advertising solutions. Its templated and platform-agnostic approach to high impact advertising provides a scalable and automated solution to run attention-grabbing and impactful advertising campaigns. Adnami works with a growing portfolio of publishers, agencies and advertisers; reaching over 300 million uniques every month across 3,000 domains. With offices in Copenhagen, Stockholm, Helsinki, London, Hamburg and Paris, Adnami continues to expand its solutions for high impact advertising, working with a diverse range of brand clients such as Heineken, BMW, American Express, Disney, Samsung and Amazon.

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Über Hubvisor

Hubvisor is an ad tech solutions provider. Owner of a programmatic orchestration system, Hubvisor technologically supports digital publishers of all types in optimising their monetisation of advertising space while guaranteeing them control and transparency. A leader in its field on the French market, the company is also a pioneer in SPO practices, opening up totally non intermediated routes between advertisers and publishers, encouraging an ethical and virtuous evolution of the ecosystem.

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Über OneTag

Founded in 2015 in Pisa, Italy, OneTag has become one of the top global privacy-focused SSPs. Across trillions of impressions and with the simplest integration, OneTag’s offering of unique, direct demand and adaptive inventory packages has led to its growth into a best-in class end-to-end programmatic solution connecting the world’s leading publishers with the brands and agencies that seek to advertise with them.

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Über The Media Trust

Today’s digital ecosystem relies on The Media Trust to safeguard your consumer experience. We fix the issues that harm your customers, drive data breaches, violate regulations, impede revenue, and tarnish your brand. Acting as your audience, our unique digital safety platform captures their true user experience and stops harmful activity so you can better monetize and govern your digital assets. Since 2005, hundreds of digital businesses have relied on The Media Trust to protect their strategic digital revenue channels. Why not yours? The Media Trust—your partner in digital trust and safety.

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